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  • Bronze
    We’ll put you on the map ASAP!
  • Silver & Gold
    When you subscribe we’ll send you a confirmation with invoice by email. After receiving the confirmation we will wait for you payment. If you don’t make the payment within our terms, your request will be canceled. Your subscription is completed after receiving your payment. This payment must be done manually by bank transfer or paypal. You purchase a membership for one year. A membership will not be automatically renewed after that year.
  • Diamond
    If you think you meet all the requirements for becoming a Diamond Member. Please contact us and we’ll get back to you asap.




Starting a wrapshop? Bronze is the least you can do!
  • Get listed in our recommended Wrap Shops.
  • Access to Mobile Installers page


Want to give your wrapshop some more exposure? Take silver!
€159 / $174 per year
  • Get listed in our recommended Wrap Shops.
  • Link to your website and email address is added.
  • Access to Mobile Installers page.


Got a topnotch wrapshop?! Go gold!
€519 / $559 per year
  • First we do a little check up to see if you are actually ready to go Gold.
  • Get listed in our recommended Wrap Shops.
  • Link to your website
  • Access to Mobile Installers page
  • We publish your unique wraps in our Spotlight section
  • Extended Profile page including image gallery, your own introduction text, social media channels and a direct Request for Proposal form.
  • Welcome Announcement on our social media pages
  • We’ll do some online advertising in your region to give your subscription a boost
  • World Wide Wrap merchandise package
  • Discount on tools in our future webshop.
  • Samples when new shit is coming up!


You got to earn this one!
Not for sale!

You get all the things a Gold Member gets. But being a Diamond Member is a status. You are the best in your country and we will let everybody know! How do you become a Diamond Member?

  • You are already a Silver or Gold Member on World Wide Wrap.
  • You wrap with A brands only.
  • You are a qualified wrapper and followed at least 2 carwrap trainings with one of our partners.
  • You’ve done a chrome job.
  • You’ve made patterns with knifeless tape on a carwrap.
  • You’ve done at least 3 super cars in one year.
  • You’ve made the top 3 in an international wrapping contest or won a national wrapping contest.